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Artists & Exhibitors


Survival of
the Best Fit

Survival of the Best Fit is an interactive  educational game about hiring bias in AI which aims to explain how the misuse of AI can make machines inherit human biases and further inequality. Much of the public debate on AI has presented it as a threat imposed on us, rather than one that people have agency over. The creators of the game  want to change that by helping people understand the technology, and demand more accountability from those building increasingly pervasive software systems.


Bakht Collective

Live-coding involves performing music and visuals by creating generative systems which are unpredictable and the results are not always known beforehand. The live coders will invite the audience to observe these systems as they are being built and altered, where artists will share their screens as they code for the audience to see. Throughout the night there will also be shorter performances playing on the interaction between human and machine, where a simple machine learning program will learn from the musicians as they play their instruments then start to imitate them




Founded in 2020, Fab-Minds is the first company inMENA to give the 3D printing experience a whole new facelift - introducing a smartly engineered concept of a personalized 3D printing experience offering endless possibilities for imagination. They will feature 3D iterations of our artists' generative pieces and as well as the attendees’.

Rizo Masr Logo.jpg



Egypt’s first Risograph studio Through our collaboration with Rizo Masr, our exhibiting artists will be able to print their generative artworks through a uniquely imperfect process, creating a one of a kind artwork, to be showcased at The techQualia Gallery

The Artists


Agnes Michalczyk 

From 2012 to 2019, Agnes taught at the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts at the German University in Cairo. Her work explores the urban space of Cairo through a female perspective. She uses Street Art to create images interrupting the realities present in the streets of Egypt in terms of gender norms. Approaching urban heritage through immersive media (augmented reality and projection), she attempts to visualize the connections between the remembered, the imagined and the present, exploring the layers of experience the city carries buried within. She works in a variety of media contributing to different art projects in Cairo and abroad. She graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig.

Aida ElOweidy.jpg



Aida El-Oweidy is a visual artist and graphic designer based in Cairo. Her work spans many mediums including VR, drawing, text and performance. She is interested in utilizing speculative practices and technology to explore themes such as space, collectivity, and rituals. She took part in the DomTech artist residency in 2022, and was a digital artist in residence with the Goethe Institute in 2021. She also took part in the University of the Underground Research Bureau in Amsterdam in 2020. Recently her practice has been devoted to creating generative visual experiences. In 2022, along with fellow artists and colleagues, Aida cofounded the ZayMaTeegy initiative, which is a series of live coding events in Cairo.




Khaled Khalifa is an Egyptian multidisciplinary artist based in Nicosia and Cairo. Through painting, photography and installation, Khaled explores socio/cultural constructs and visual vernaculars. The process of capturing, collecting and archiving elements of physical and digital life, acts as the basis for his attempts in tackling the intricacies and humors of personal and shared identity. He is currently completing his BA in Fine Art.




Salah El-Oweidy is a writer, sound artist, and musician. His theoretical interests include the overabundance of stimuli in modern times and the difficulty to find focus. He is also interested in exploring what can be described using non-visual art-forms, in the context of the dominant hegemony of the visual. His main practice is creating real-time generative soundscapes in spatial sound using programs such as MaxMSP and Pure Data. Since 2021, this has evolved into creating primitive machine learning models to generate evolving interactions between inputs and outputs. In 2022, along with his colleagues, Salah cofounded the ZayMaTeegy initiative, which is a series of live coding events in Cairo. The events include sections of live coding sound and music sets punctuated by shorter sets that explore interactions between live instrumental music and digital workflows. 




Ahmad Aiuby is an interdisciplinary artist and creative technologist. He uses immersive and interactive media, creative coding, AI, and sound to explore the expressive possibilities given by the creative use of emerging digital technologies, in addition to the way algorithms are reshaping our everyday life. Ahmad was a 2020 “We Are Data'' artist fellow in a fellowship program by Cairotronica (Egypt) and IMPAKT (the Netherlands). His work has been exhibited at Cairographie Festival (2017) and Roznama 7th (2019), Cairotronica Festival (2021), and Ars Electronica (2021).




Islam Adel is an Egyptian generative artist and live visuals creator. After graduating from the American University in Cairo with a degree in mechatronics engineering, he applied his knowledge in experimenting with algorithms and simulations to create interesting visuals. He explores systems inspired by natural phenomena and mathematical pattern emergence. He, along with artist Anna Lucia, created and taught the first Algorithmic Art course in Egypt at Cocoon Culture Center. You can find him on Instagram and Twitter by the name j.maffe.




Mahmoud Khattab is a photographer and a writer based in Cairo, Egypt. Mahmoud’s stories span years of observing change and reminiscence of hills and himself in stills and writings. Mahmoud’s self taught practice lets him explore stories in freedom with a patient discipline. His love for Arabic poetry, especially of Andalusi poets the likes of Lisan Al din Ibnul Khatib, Al Mutamid ibnu Abbad’s tribute to his lover Itemad and others, made Mahmoud love writing stories himself and, over the years, strive to make writings have equal footing with his visuals. His works have been exhibited in Finland, Ethiopia, the United States, China, Germany and others. He is a member of Everyday Africa, Everyday Middle East and the African Photojournalism Database APJD of World Press Photo.

Zeyad AbouGhaly.jpeg



Zeyad Aboughaly is a multidisciplinary artist and designer. Zeyad studied Media Design at the German University in Cairo and completed his pre-masters in Speculative Design. He is interested in working on challenging projects in the field of hybrid media, specifically sounds and visuals. Zeyad is currently focused on getting more familiar with the field of immersive interaction and virtual reality through new media. Towards this, he has showcased his work at Medrar’s Viorama Lab & Exhibition (2022).




Ahmed El Shaer is a Cairo-born contemporary artist whose multi-disciplinary practice spans the mediums of installation, photography, sound, and moving images with a particular focus on new technologies. Ahmed is currently a P.h.D student at the Computing and Games Department in Abertay University Scotland, UK. He has exhibited in numerous international art venues, including the Cairotronica New Media Festival in Cairo, the Museum of the Moving Image in New York (2019), and most recently, the 59th Venice Biennale (2022). He is currently based in New York. 




Islam Shabana is an interdisciplinary artist and digital media designer. Shabana’s work is situated in the intersection of technology with Islamic philosophy, mythology and studies of human cognition. In his works, he explores concepts such as system-social dynamics, religious performative rituals and occult practices, by means of poetry, simulation, science fiction and speculative scenarios. Shabana’s work has been featured in several group exhibitions shown in Townhouse Gallery in Cairo, Villa Romana in Florence, Le18 in Marrakech, The Mosaic Room in London, Iwalewahaus in Bayreuth, Halle 14 in Leipzig, Berlin Art Week 2014, as well as Cairotronica; the Cairo Electronic and New Media Arts Symposium.




Nada Sallam is a visual artist and graphic designer based in Egypt. Her work is concerned with reinterpreting and translating text to visuals through a process of coding and decoding. Her visuals include a combination of dark imagery, elements from iconography and mythology, and references to pop culture, using a miniature drawing style to create surreal dystopian imagery.




Ziad is an interdisciplinary new media artist, working in the tech industry by day and as an artist at night. Ziad’s work explores how coding and software can be used beyond functionality as a method of artistic expression. He started his journey with new media art in 2016, and ever since then, has been pushing the boundaries of using software and coding to create artworks worthy of our attention. He is currently based in Amsterdam.

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