An A.I. powered analytics platform.

Businesses. Organizations. Institutions. Anyone can leverage their video monitoring infrastructure to explore new & untapped information.

Next GEN Technology

Top of the line analysis tools & technology to unlock the full potential of live & captured video data.

Designed on the Azka Engine, the platform enables a new analytics experience intended to give a business a true competitive advantage.



Measuring constantly the number of people going in and out of your facility in any given time

New vs. Returning Customers

Our state of the art Face-ID technology offers a unique insight into which customers are new and which are returning.



Offering a graphical representation of your customers movement withing your facilties

Analyze Customer


Understand your customers wants, needs and use these insights to retain them or target new loyal ones.

Complete Oversight

Access your the wealth of insights through custom built dashboards that will enable smarter and more strategic decisions.

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