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Commercial Facility Management 

Azkavision transforms facility management, bringing a new era of efficiency and optimization to malls, commercial centers, and public spaces.

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Tackling daily challenges in Commercial Facilities

Uncertainty in evaluating tenant performance and understanding customer engagement.

Lack of insights into customer flow and behavior, hindering effective space utilization.

Difficulty in assessing the impact of events on daily traffic and overall facility performance.

Lack of comprehensive data for informed leasing decisions and tenant management.

Difficulty in monitoring security efficiently and responding swiftly to incidents.

Limited tools for analyzing historical data and identifying long-term trends.

Azkavision In Action:
The Transformative Power of AI Analytics

Customer Flow Dynamics

Azkavision provides a bird's eye view of your facility, addressing the challenge of  undestanding customer traffic.

Tenant Satisfaction and Performance

Providing transparent tenant performance reports, fostering collaboration and maximizing tenant satisfaction.


Store Layout Optimization

The insights offer a solution to the challenge of arranging stores for maximum impact and customer engagement.

Crafting Customer Journeys

Layout planning based on customer behavior and dwell times, it ensures that every part of your facility contributes to a memorable experience.

Marketing data Insights

By providing real-time data on customer behavior, it ensures that your marketing strategies align with customer preferences.

Fast Response with Enhanced Security 

Security alerts for intrusion, smoke, fire, and identification of blacklisted individuals, ensuring a safe shopping environment for customers and staff.


Ready to overcome challenges & transform your facility?

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