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Enhanced Parking Management 

Parking management is a pervasive challenge in modern urban spaces. Overcrowded parking lots, inefficient space utilization, and the lack of streamlined vehicle tracking are all too common. Azkavision steps in as the game-changer in the parking landscape.


Tackling daily challenges in Parking Facilities


Parking lots often face overcrowding, leading to inefficient space utilization.

Traditional systems struggle with accurate vehicle tracking and identification.

Ensuring only authorized vehicles have access to designated parking areas is challenging.

Users often face difficulty locating their parked vehicles in large parking structures.

Lack of insights into daily car flows, customer Segmentation, and overall parking dynamics.

Traditional parking management may lack robust security features.

Azkavision In Action:
The Advantages of CCTV Analytics

Accurate LPR

Swift and accurate identification of vehicles through License Plate Recognition, Enhancing access control and Customized Alerts.

Traffic Flow Analysis

real-time into traffic patterns, customer segmentation, and behavior, empowering proactive management strategies for optimized operations.

Enhanced Security

Ensure vehicle and patron safety with surveillance, license plate recognition, and perimeter monitoring, deterring threats and enhancing safety.


Ready to overcome challenges & transform your facility?

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