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Retail Performance Tracking & Enhancement 

Azkavision transforms retail operations by harnessing AI-driven insights from CCTV cameras, providing a comprehensive and real-time understanding of customer behavior and store dynamics.

Transforming Retail
& Satisfaction by addressing industry challenges.


Difficulty in understanding and managing customer traffic flow within the store.

Inefficient store layouts leading to suboptimal customer experiences.

Lack of visibility into the effectiveness of in-store marketing campaigns.

Limited insights into how much time customers spend in specific areas.

Difficulty in gauging the performance of different store sections.

Challenges in maintaining consistency and efficiency across multiple retail locations.

Azkavision In Action:
The Advantages of CCTV Analytics

Real-Time Analysis

Capture and interpret customer behavior as it happens, providing you with immediate insights into how shoppers navigate and interact within the store.

Heatmaps & MCP

Measure aisle performance and Identify Most common Paths, enables you to optimize layouts for better customer flow and product placement.

Dynamic Footfall-Tracking

Precisely track your footfall, to understand customer demographics, peak shopping hours, popular sections, and areas with high customer engagement.

Queue Management

Optimize queue management by analyzing wait times and customer flow, helping retailers streamline checkout processes for improved customer satisfaction.

Dwell Time Measurement

Accurate dwell time measurements for different areas. Get a deep understanding of where customers spend the most time, aiding in strategic layout adjustments.

Enhanced Security

Security alerts for intrusion, smoke, fire, and identification of blacklisted individuals, ensuring a safe shopping environment for customers and staff.


Ready to overcome challenges & transform your facility?

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