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AI Customer Segmentation

AI-powered data technologies offer more precise customer segmentation, more relevant engagements, and improved customer experiences, all of which improve your bottom line.

The  platform analyses insights and patterns, providing deep understanding of customers and segments enabling decision makers to grow their business in today’s dynamic competitive market.

Supercharge your operations

Benefits of using an
AI Customer Segmentation Solution

Revamp your Customer Experience

Understand your customer profiles and personalize their experience.

Marketing Performance Mertrics

Visualize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Cut Costs All Around

Decrease human intervention, speeding up your process and lowering costs.

Power of AI

Remove all guesswork from the equation and eliminate human bias.

Dynamic Segmentation to Scale

Unlimited number and size of segments that adapt to the changing market automatically.

Target the Right People

Create better product recommendations for your customers.

Uplift your Sales

Cross and upselling to your customers has never been easier.

Know Thy Customer

Get full visibility over your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Konan Powered MLOps

Full suite of controls to train, monitor and scale your AI models in production

A glimpse into the future

Understanding how the
AI Engine works

Our Algorithms are designed to read all historical and current customer and transactional data from existing databases. Data such as:

  • Transaction times, items, value, channel etc.

  • Customer location, age, gender etc.


The algorithms then detect the trends and patterns that govern your customer's behavior. On a customer-by-customer level, our algorithms learn what it is that acquires customers, retains customers, and even contributes to unfortunate churning of customers.

This paves the way for key actionable outputs:


  • Definition and visualization of customer segments.

  • Detection of customer churn likelihood.

  • Recommendations for up-selling and cross-selling.

  • Detection of campaign response likelihood.

This use-case is built on the Konan platform which encapsulates and combines all Machine learning and industry’s best practices to ensure the highest impact on your business.

All the tools you need

Designed for decision making

Dashboards, reports & analytics

API Integrations

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