Data Science Intern


  • They must have finished at least their 3rd year in college.

  • They must have experience working with Python and/or R. Knowledge of object-oriented programming concepts is expected.

  • They must have done at least some basic machine learning before (e.g. decision trees, support vector machines, random forests, etc.).

  • They must have done some kind of data analysis before and expect to do a lot of it in the internship (searching for patterns in data, producing aggregate statistics, etc.).

  • Experience with numpy/pandas/matplotlib in Python or with dplyr/tidyr/ggplot in R is very preferred.

  • They must have taken an introductory course in probability.‚Äč


  • They have taken an introductory databases course

  • They have done some natural language processing or text mining before

  • They are into competitive programming

  • They have a github portfolio showing their experience with any/all of the above


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