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  • Aliah Yacoub

techQualia: The First Interdisciplinary Platform About AI in the Region

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Tech (/tɛk/) involving or concerned with applied and industrial sciences.

Qualia (/ˈkwɑːliə/ or /ˈkweɪliə/; singular form: quale) are defined as individual instances of subjective, conscious experience.

We are excited to announce the launch of techQualia, the first interdisciplinary platform of its kind in the region, promising to bridge the gap between the tech scene’s empirical study of artificial intelligence (AI) and philosophy’s reflective study of human experience in the world.

Our Story:

techQualia began with an instance of fascination with the world of tech and human behavior, directly followed by frustration at the lack of accessible, simple, and critical information about it in the Middle East. A lot of us are all too tired of hearing about how AI is transforming the world around us, but not being able to fully understand how it works, its implications, repercussions, or ethics. Do you also feel like it is shrouded in layers upon layers of mystery?


As a data science company that is committed to democratizing AI, Synapse Analytics believes that all information about AI should be free, accessible, as well as exhaustive. We want you to be able to rein in the grand, usually unrealistic predictions about AI and substitute them with real-time knowledge about the actual future and possibilities of AI and how you can utilize them.

At techQualia, you will find a wide –and sometimes, wild—variety of topics that are AI-adjacent at your fingertips! We promise to deliver a wealth of knowledge that navigates a large constellation of themes including, but not limited to, the basics of AI, machine learning, data science, latest trends in neuroscience, philosophy of mind, neuro-ethics, and countless social commentaries to help you understand the position of AI in the world and, more specifically, in Egypt.

Our first series will cover the often-illusory term ‘consciousness’ and delve into theories about the human mind and its artificial counterpart: AI. Stay tuned!

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