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All Internship Applications are closed.
Welcome back!

Are you ready to build A.I. products over the summer?

We at Synapse we are happy to announce our 2022 Internship program! For the past couple of years Synapse Interns have been producing amazing work and been helping the company every day. This year will be no EXCEPTION.

Seeing the impact that our interns make every year, we've decided to open up new positions for this year's program to allow for more people to apply from different specialties. Some of the new positions mentioned below will be conducted remotely.


While we want to include as many people as possible, at this moment we can only accept interns who live in Egypt. We are working on making future internships accessible to people around the world. Make sure that you go through the requirements thoroughly and choose the position that you feel is right for you.
The internship program will be two months long from July 1st to September 1st.  Extension might be an option.


  • Application Deadline:  Saturday, 28th of May 2022 - 11:59PM [Cairo Standard Time]

  • Application Filter Decision:  Thursday, 2nd of June 2022

  • Interview Phase Starts: Sunday, 5th of June 2022 

  • Final Decisions/Offers: Thursday, 16th of June 2022


All Internship Applications are closed.