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Connecting Dots

We've Built Our Own MLOps Platform

Delivering superior machine learning model performance.

Konan is an MLOps platform that focuses on the production phase of the machine learning lifecycle. It  significantly reduces the time to deployment and provides maintenance and monitoring out-of-the-box, all while being language and platform agnostic.


Your Production Hyperdrive

Significantly decrease the time to market of your ML projects.

Easily operationalize all your models. Konan is a language/framework agnostic platform that allows you to deploy all your AI and remove all software development overhead.

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Monitor Data & Model Health

Receive automatic alerts about your data & model's health

Track all models' serving data and get alerted for data drift occurrences ahead of time. Analyze data features to track statistical distribution change over time. 

Experiment with Challengers

Don't settle for anything less than top performing models.

Use Konan's Challenger mode to deploy & train models in parallel and easily activate the best performers with zero disruption


Become a true AI powered company

Why you should take control of your machine learning operations

Faster Insights, Faster Decisions

This is a straightforward benefit. Deploy and adapt models faster, get less lead time on your insights make quicker and more educated decisions.

It's Like Hiring 2x Fulltime Data Engineers

The platform allows you to easily set up, provision and maintain infrastructure of your ML models allowing for smooth scaling of your operations.

Building Trust via Quality & Performance

Konan ensures that your models & data are properly monitored for quality and performance making them reliable for stakeholders.

Overall Better ROI Assessment

You'll get a deeper understanding of how your business is performing via the rapid feedback you're receiving from your deployed models.

Want to learn more about Konan?

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