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Is it a problem of growth? Or is it a problem of resource allocation & logistics optimization? Maybe it’s the challenge of a go-to-market, and choosing the right product for the right customer at the right time?All these problems are Data problems.


When there is data, there can be A.I as well. Artificial Intelligence is proving to be an essential tool for business sustainability, and prosperity. Though, with all the buzz going on about A.I, many business executives find themselves lost in all the terminologies, A.I products, literature and feel pressured to adopt A.I, without really understanding what it solves for.


This may cause many initiatives to be started, with the wrong expectations, and incorrect problem framing, leading executives to be disengaged with Artificial Intelligence, and losing on the valuable opportunities it creates.


This is why Synapse Analytics, with its experience in deploying Artificial Intelligence in more than 12 industries, with multinationals, Mid-size Companies, Startups, With Tech-natives, and companies that are just starting their digital initiatives, will be live streaming the A.I Distilled: Thinking about A.I for your business webinar, to take you through the different problems that A.I can solve, and how to think about Framing A.I problems for your business.


Attendees are not expected to have ANY background in A.I nor data science, just the curiosity for how A.I can be transformative and a change accelerator.

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