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What's Up MLOps

What's Up MLOps is a webinar series about how you can take your machine learning deployments to another level. Learn the MLOps fundamentals and how Konan is your ticket to ML success.

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Machine learning deployments made easy

Event time: 8th of June at 4:00PM (GMT +2)

Event description: If deploying and maintaining machine learning models into production is a bottleneck in your organization, then this live demo is for you.  We'll go over the typical and tedious process of deploying a model to production without the help of an MLOps tool, then we'll show case how Konan - Synapse Analytics' own MLOps platform - addresses the most glaring pain points of the process.

What to expect from the session:

A discussion about how you manage model deployments in your organization and the key pain points you face during the process.

A demo to show how easily deployments are made through Konan, from infrastructure provisioning and auto-scaling, to out-of-the-box API and model monitoring plus a whole lot more.

A discussion about how you see Konan powering your AI deployments

Meet our Webinar's hosts

Ahmed Abaza

Founder & CEO

Synapse Analytics


Shady Fanous

Chief Technology Officer

Synapse Analytics


Heba Sakr

Konan Product Owner

Synapse Analytics


Nourhan Khaled

Senior DevOps Engineer

Synapse Analytics

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