AI & Data Science for
Your Business

We empower organizations through AI. Unlock your data's full potential and streamline all your operations with advanced AI technology.

Designed for the future

Placing end-to-end analytics at the core of your business

We bring together all the necessary forms of analytics to fully enable your business with AI solutions through your own data.

Synapse Analytics can power FMCGs/Manufacturers, NBFIs, Consumer Finance Companies, or Retail Shops.

Descriptive Analytics

Interpreting historical data to better understand changes that have occurred in a business through comparisons.

Predictive Analytics

Analyzing current and historical facts to make predictions about the future or otherwise unknown events.

Prescriptive Analytics

Factoring information about possible scenarios, available resources, past performance to suggest best course of action and strategy.

Designed for effortlessness

Putting your business at ease with our expert team

We put in mind ambitious companies that need to focus on their core operations – our expert team is made up of 40 engineers with 60+ years of combined experience that can handle everything from data collection up to full model deployment and further on.


Big Data & AI Tech Team

Software Engineers that integrate and deploy AI algorithms seamlessly without interrupting day-to-day operations.

Deep Learning Team

ML Engineers dedicated to deploying neural networks to deliver AI applications that deal with unstructured & big data.

Data Science Team

Mathematicians, statisticians, & computer scientists working to formulate algorithms to augment and optimize businesses.

Consulting & Impact Team

Business Translators that report on the project progress, success, & impact of the algorithms on the business.

Designed for speed

How we work until
we deploy your AI

  • Diagnosing & Framing (1 – 2 weeks)

Asking business experts the right questions to frame the problem to build a proper business case.

  • Algorithm Design & Build (4 – 16 weeks)

Extracting the data, exploring the data, cleansing the data, and then building the mathematical and statistical models.

  • Integration & Deployment (1 – 2 weeks)

Fully deploying & integrating the models and algorithms into the system to be used live in the day-to-day operations.

  • MLOps & Adoption Consulting (Continuously)

Synapse Analytics turns into your data science arm. We ensure continuous adoption, learning, integration of data, and deployment of models.

Designed for decision making

Avoiding complicated jargon but keeping the insights

For the business executives, we only report the relevant businesses insights to inject science back into your decision-making process.

For the tech & data experts, we report everything you need to know about your model accuraciess, monitoring tools, data governance, and our deployments & versioning.

Why Synapse Analytics

A data-first approach to AI enablement across industries

Agnostic Mentality

We enable AI solutions regardless of the available technologies and data sources – you don’t need expensive ERPs or CRMs to make this partnership work.

Close Relations

Our deployments are never a one-off thing – we work continuously with you to ensure the solutions are fully adopted and utilized by the entire organization.

Intelligent Tailoring

Our products fit every company but our approach differs from one context to the next – we ensure a deep dive into your business to fully understand the fundamentals.


Our deployments & experience have been tried and tested across 10+ industries in the last 3 years without failure.

Designed to augment businesses

Project deliverables to put you in command, always

Data Wrangling & Cleansing

Model Results Visualization U.I.

Model Explainability

AI Engine (with APIs)

Continuous Model Engineering

Live Model Performance Reporting

Impact Monitoring

Model Re-Training

Historical Analysis Report

Model Performance Reporting

Adoption Consulting

User Control Panel

Ready to get started?

Contact our sales team to design a custom AI solution for your business to supercharge your decision-making processes or book a demo so you can explore what we can do.

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