Run All Your
AI Operations 
From One Place

Build, scale and manage all your AI projects on the Konan MLOps platform and ensure that you get the highest impact on your business.

Konan is your AI Foundation

Konan works as an auto-scaling infrastructure for your company's AI operations. Teams can easily connect and launch their current or new machine learning models into production while having all the tools to maintain and enhance them.

Gain access to all your AI projects in one location.

View all your on-going AI projects, invite team members to your workspace and assign workflows across your departments.

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Become a true AI powered company

Konan is your key to
building impactful AI workflows

Visualize Business Impact

With industry tested business dashboards you can view your AI projects' impact and make insight driven decisions. 

Data Health Alerts

Konan keeps a close eye on your data's health, warning you about potential drift issues.

Smart Resources Usage

Monitor resource usage per project and get insights on how you can optimize your overall consumption.

API Monitoring

Get a visual representation of your traffic volume and live requests of your model/project APIs.

Challenge your Models

The Konan Challenger mode ensures that you have the best version of your ML models running for maximum impact.

Infrastructure Autoscaling

No need to worry about infrastructure provisioning, the platform scales automatically with traffic surges.

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