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Everything your risk team needs to process more loans, faster
and with less risk

The decisioning platform that enables financial institutions to fully automate their credit risk policy workflows, give out instantaneous decisions and lower non-performing loans.

Trusted by the top lenders in the region.
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Onboard, Profile & Decide on Customers Instantly

Optimize your underwriting process by tailoring Konan's credit decisioning to your business needs, streamlining every step of your workflow.


Streamline all your Credit Decision Policies in One Place.

Combine your existing decision rules and policies with the machine learning capabilities of the product. Simulate and test on real data before going live.



Standardize Risk Assessment Across All Departments

Monitor your product's performance in real-time, equipping your team with vital data to ensure deployed policies meet expectations.


Benefit from Prebuilt Models Solving the Same Problem 

No data? No problem. Leverage pre-trained

models that fit your business case and try

them out within your decision flow.

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Collect More Data about your Customers.

Use Konan's SDK to capture alternative data that can be fed into your models and used for better decisioning.

Konan is helping businesses grow at an incredible rate!

Applications Processed


Approved Amount


Accelerating innovation & time-to-market
with an adaptable & evolving platform

No Data Needed

Businesses with no data can leverage our pretrained model to score their new customers.

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Max Decision Accuracy

Make better decisions on applicants with AI scoring and reduce non performing loans.

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Data Enrichment

Capture new data signals through alternative data and leverage them in your decisioning process.


Control of Risk Appetite

Get full control of your risk appetite and adjust acceptance thresholds based on your business needs. 


Maximum Coverage

Target a bigger audience and start scoring and acquiring unbanked customers with our pretrained model.


Better AI with MLOps

Maintain and enhance your AI scoring models with our MLOps features.

Ready to give out more loans with less risk?

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