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Physical to Digital in an Instant

Capture and process all your documents in one place. Doxter is your go-to English & Arabic OCR for extracting data from financial, legal and accounting documents.

What is Doxter?

Doxter uses AI powered OCR technology alongside advanced pattern recognition to extract and process English and Arabic text from images or scanned documents. The engine is trained on an immense dataset making it one of the top Arabic OCR engines in the region.


You can upload or import all  documents in bulk onto the platform and get it ready for processing.


Build your own or use one of our template extractors to process and capture a wealth of information from your documents.


Once all of your documents have been processed, you can export your data to any format CSV, Excel, Word or XML.

Legal Documents

Verify & validate all legal document types in an instant.

Doxter is capable of streamlining any process related with legal document processing. It allows users to extract any info from national ID, driver’s license, insurance cards, syndicate ID, and car license.

Parse & process information from any receipt type.

Extract a wealth of information from your receipts and Invoices. Our engine is trained to read and extract any information from any kind of invoices or purchase orders regardless of the structure.

Invoices & POs

Financial Statements

Scan & spread all your financial statements.

Financial analysts spent time extracting numbers from multiple financial statements, using our engine will let them to collect all the info desired and spread them into Excel sheets for easy processing.