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Automate your SME underwriting process with advanced OCR technology.

Streamline SME onboarding with our OCR platform. Process any document type and craft a seamless lending experience.

Transforming Lending: Quick, Accurate, and Effortless Onboarding for SMEs

Our OCR platform is designed to simplify the lending process, specifically tailored for SMEs. By quickly and accurately reading and processing various documents, it eliminates traditional delays and potential errors that can arise from manual handling. The result is a more efficient system that ensures businesses get the support they need without unnecessary wait times, leading to more productive engagements and strengthened trust.

Commercial Registries

Balance Sheets

Tax Cards


National IDs

Comprehensive Document Processing Read, Interpret & Verify

Use our AI-driven platform to quickly scan and interpret corporate documents and trade licenses, extracting essential ownership information. This helps in creating a more efficient KYB process.

Unlocking Growth:
The Advantages of SME Lending

Swift Decisions

Access essential documents swiftly and make informed decisions faster.

Quick Turnarounds

The wait is over. Enjoy faster loan approval times with our efficient processing.

Decreased Overheads

Say goodbye to manual data entry mistakes and cut down operational expenses.

Smooth Experience

Reduce paperwork hassles and streamline operations with our advanced OCR technology.

Enhanced Security

Trust in our platform's robust security measures that prioritize data confidentiality and business integrity.

Customized Solutions

We recognize the distinct needs of SMEs, ensuring our solutions are tailored to your unique business model.


Want to start giving out instantaneous loans?

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