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Seamless Customer Onboarding while Eliminating Fraud

Take full control of your customer onboarding process with our Arabic OCR platform and instantly assess, verify and eliminate fraudulent profiles.


Seamless Lending: EKYC-Driven Efficiency & Enhanced Security.

Streamline your onboarding process with our eKYC solution. As new customers present their ID scans, we meticulously validate authenticity, pinpointing fraud, and ensuring genuine interactions. This seamless flow guarantees swift, trusted transactions.

Max Verification Accuracy

Rapid Customer Onboarding

Fraud & Anti-spoofing Prevention

Automate Compliance Checks

Seamless App Integration

Increase Customer Coverage

Process Any Type of Documents & Speed Up your Customer Acquisition

Instantly capture essential data from your new customers by processing a wide variety of documents in both Arabic and English. Quickly flag suspicious applications and approve the valid ones.

Benefits of Automating your
Customer Onboarding

Enhanced Customer Experience

eKYC eliminates the need for physical document submission and manual data entry, offering customers a seamless and hassle-free process.

Standardize Your Verification Process

Establish a consistent, efficient, and foolproof verification method across all touchpoints, ensuring uniformity, reduced errors, and heightened compliance.

Start Today with API Integrations

Seamlessly integrate our solution into your existing system using our robust APIs. Begin your enhanced onboarding journey without any delays.

Build A Healthier Customer Base

With advanced eKYC processes, attract and retain genuine customers, enhancing trust and reducing potential risks, leading to a more reliable and profitable customer pool.


Customer Onboarding Should Be Instantaneous

Get on a call with one of our experts and get a free consultation to what your business needs, whether it's what data to collect or how can you enhance your underwriting process.

Get a free consultation with our experts

A demo of the platform tailored to your business

Access to pricing, implementation timelines & more

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