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We Give Lenders the Confidence to Say Yes More Often.

Lend more customers, reduce risk and respond quicker by embedding risk management, workflows and business policies in our decisioning platform.


Streamline Lending: Faster Decisions, Reduced Risk, & Higher Customer Acquisition.

Navigate the complexities of consumer lending with ease. Our platform fully automates the underwriting journey, from seamless onboarding to dynamic decisioning workflows. Lenders can use scorecards, rulesets, or machine learning models all in one workflow. The result? Prompt loan processing, minimized risks, and an optimized lending experience for both lenders and consumers.

Instantaneous Decisions

Increase Customer Limits

Eliminate Fraud Entirely

Collect Alternative Data

Acquire Unbanked Customers

More Coverage with Less Risk

Use Pretrained Scoring Models

Scale your Lending Capacity with Traditional and Non-Traditional Decisioning

Combine traditional credit assessment with alternative data for a robust lending approach. Our platform allows lenders to reach more borrowers, make informed decisions, and maintain a balanced risk profile

Benefits of Automating your
Consumer Lending Process

Efficient Processing

Automate and streamline the loan application review, resulting in faster loan processing times.

Better Experience

Credit decisioning engines speed up approvals and personalize loans, elevating the consumer lending experience.

Minimizing Risk

Customize the engine to fit specific needs and risk preferences, aligning mitigation strategies with organizational goals.

Comprehensive Profiling

Using diverse data sources, the engine delivers a complete view of a borrower's creditworthiness, capturing all vital details.

Fraud Detection

Identify patterns and anomalies, significantly reducing the risk of fraud in lending processes.

Feedback Loop

A decisioning engine learns from loan outcomes, refining criteria and improving risk prediction over time.


Want to start giving out instantaneous loans?

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