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AI Credit Scoring

Scale with Confidence

Use your customers' digital footprint data to accurately score them via our pre-trained AI engine.

Fred AI

Your Complete AI Credit Scoring Platform

Machine learning powered credit scoring platform that provides maximum decision accuracy while controlling the risk appetite. The platform uses conventional and alternative real-time data sources to recommend accurate decisions instantaneously.

Instantaneous Scoring

Get maximum decision accuracy on your loans in an instant.

Power of
Alternative Data

Leverage both your customers' digital footprint [phone data & social media presence] and external data sources [I-Score, social insurance etc.] into your loan decision.

Connect the API today

Our AI credit scoring API can be integrated in any development environment allowing you to start giving out loans today.

Explore Features

Accelerate your Operations.

No Data Needed

There is no need for previous data. Use our pre-trained models and start giving out loans right away.

Customise your Profiles

Tailor the platform to your needs by controlling your risk appetite.

Full suite of controls to train, monitor and scale your AI models in production.

Learns from your Data

The machine learning engine continuously learns and improves as you feed it data.

Full Decision Explainability

Get full breakdown of the key factors in your credit decisions.

Out-of-the-box dashboards

Start taking insight driven decisions with our comprehensive dahsboards.

Benefits of using an
AI Credit Scoring Solution

Target the Unbanked

Give out loans to the unbanked by utilising our models that are trained on 200k+ unbanked customers

Happier Customers

Greatly increase customer satisfaction and get better customer life time value.

Smarter Decisions

Provide decision based on acceptance threshold taking into consideration risk appetite.

Grow, Grow, Grow

Grow faster; remove operational capacity constraints, increasing your borrower capacity.

Lower your Costs

Decrease human intervention, speeding up your process and lowering costs by up-to 80%.

Power your
Credit Scoring
with AI today!

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