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Smarter Vision, Better Decisions

The plug and play platform that enables your surveillance system to capture a wealth of information allowing for better data driven decisions.

What is Azkavision?

The Azkavision utilizes advanced machine learning models to enable any type of facility surveillance cameras with the ability to recognize and capture data from footage. As a user you'll be able to analyze through our dashboards all the elements of your establishment allowing you to strategize, grow and expand your establishment.


Get live traffic count of your facilities

Daily Entry & Exits Counts

Study your facility's performance with an overview of your customers' count in and out of your facility.

Access to Historical Data

Have access to historical data and analyze trends and patterns of your traffic.

Customizable Dashboards

Get a better understanding of your data with our advanced analytics tool and extract actionable insights.


Capture your facilities' daily hotspots


Facility Wide Heatmaps

Get access to heatmaps that breakdown daily traffic's footfall

Hourly Footfall Breakdown

Summarize your customers' distribution in your facility throughout the day.

Identify Traffic Congestion

Easy identify floor congestion during the day that may hinder your promotional content.

Understand your customer's behavior

Customer Flow and Distribution

Get a full overview of your customer's journey through your facility.

Dwelling Time

Pinpoint your consumer dwelling time in designated areas. You can track the time spent in front of your vendors or dwelling time in front of retail shelves.

Smarter Campaigns

Create more personalized campaigns for your customers and attract more traffic to your facilities.

Customer Behavior

Complete Facility Oversight

POS Integration

Know Your Customers

Parking Management

Link store POS to platform and optimize everything from product shelving to dwelling areas within isles, shelves for a better customer experience.

Full breakdown of your customer’s behavior and journey, upon entering the facility to first store visit.

Get daily car flow, distinguish between unique vs returning customers and segment customer demographic via car logo detections.

Tenant Performance Reports

Event Analysis

Security Monitoring 

Give your tenants detailed reports of traffic/dwelling time in front of their stores to capitalize on it.

Study the impact of your seasonal events on your daily traffic and get actionable insights on how to improve them every year.     

Equip your facilities with more intelligent security monitoring with faster flare detection, lost children reports and better fight detection.


The Benefits


Get Real-Time Demographic Reports


Personalized Tenant Performance Reports


Prepare Stores for Traffic Surges


Predict Traffic Impact of New Store Openings


Maximize Store ROI on Marketing Campaigns


Improve Customer Parking Experience

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