Synapse Analytics is a Data Science and A.I. company enabling organizations to monetize on their data by becoming data driven and A.I. powered


"Data is the new Oil"

For generations, organizations have collected massive amounts of data on their customers, products and markets. These data encompass so much learning and insight, that can be transformative for the business, the market and the world. Further, this learning and insight can fuel machine learning algorithms, that can amass years of experience in a few hours, providing so much insight and automation, that was never possible before.


Ahmed is passionate about philosophy, photography, hiking, diving, video games and anything that has to do with nature and technology.

Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Ahmed Abaza

Shady is passionate about Riddles, Music, Technology, Video Games and Twisted Horror Films.

A.I. & Machine Learning Manager

Shady Fanous

Biho is passionate about Travelling, Hiking, Camping, Kite Surfing, Cycling, Mountain Climbing and Chess.

Data Science Senior Consultant

Ahmed Nabih

Mossaad is passionate about Games, Reading, Chess, Stand-up Comedy and Exploring the Tech Field.

Data Science and Machine Learning Engineer

Mohamed Mossad

Nezar is passionate about Mountaineering, Smart Phone Tech, Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Oud and Family gatherings.

Data Science and Machine Learning Engineer

Nezar Ahmed

Galal is passionate about Chess, Movies,  Mathematics, Reading, Science, Investments Puzzles and Football

Co-Founder | A.I. Strategist

Galal El Beshbishy

The Doc is passionate about Video Games, Reading, Board Games, Martial Arts, Anime and Badminton.

Chief Data Scientist

Dr. Ali Ezzat

Abaza is passionate about Film Making, Eighties Music, Video Games, Philosophy, Psychology, History and Space Travel.

A.I. Innovation Manager

Mohamed Abaza

Omar is passionate about Reading, The Gym, Jogging, Movies, Film Music Scores and Exploration in all its forms

Data Science and Machine Learning Engineer

Omar Ayman

Ahmed is passionate about Playing Football, Puzzles, Reading, Learning New Things and is a Math Fanatic

Data Science and Machine Learning Engineer

Ahmed Gamal

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