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The future belongs to the visionaries that act in the present.


Potential no matter what.

The business world is getting infinitely complex as the world sprints forward with new technologies and ideas; these ideas, are seemingly reserved to a specific group of informed individuals.

Synapse Analytics’ work fully encompasses the idea of bringing that esoteric and hidden world of AI forward, making it accessible to all business, governments and humanity to explore new frontiers of knowledge.

We are here to help you leverage your – and the world’s – data to drive better, more informed, and creative decisions. In simpler words, we exist to help you see better.

Science and art.

Our work encompasses an imaginative mindset and a scientific approach. We create beautifully designed tools, reports, and platforms that empower business executives by providing descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics that overlook their entire operation.

It all starts with a fundamental framing of the required solution, to developing the algorithms and preprocessing the data, and leading off to a continuous insight-driven transformation process that ensures a constant positive impact on the business.

The Team

Our team, quite often lovingly referred to as Synapsers, are a collection of brilliant minds from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds such as engineering, mathematics, actuarial sciences, and consulting that help shape the ideas, technologies, and success stories that we encounter everyday with our clients.

Our structure is quite unique. We are one of the only data science and AI companies where our culture encourages open thinking, creative ideas, and room to dream when it comes to implementing solutions that contribute to our clients’ success.

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