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Synapse Analytics and CREALOGIX Unveil Transformative Partnership Agreement

Synapse Analytics is proud to announce the commencement of a strategic partnership agreement with CREALOGIX, bringing together two industry leaders to drive innovation and create a powerful synergy in the field of banking and financial technologies.


CREALOGIX is a publicly-listed Swiss company, headquartered in Zürich; and Synapse Analytics is an Egyptian company, headquartered in Cairo.


Both companies will work together to provide banks and NBFIs with state-of-the-art financial technologies that aim to take digital customer relationships and revenues to the next level and deliver unparalleled value to clients and stakeholders alike.


As part of this partnership agreement, Synapse Analytics and CREALOGIX will leverage their complementary strengths and combined expertise by utilizing CREALOGIX’s Lending Origination Hub (“LOH”) and Synapse Analytics’ Decisioning & Workflow Engine, alternatively named Konan.


As the demand for fast, secure, and reliable banking and financial technologies experiences an exponential surge alongside the new wave of financial literacy, both companies are united in their mission to expand collaboratively across the entire MENA region.


This partnership is effective immediately and marks an exciting chapter for both companies wherein they can bring their collective resources to bear on challenges and opportunities in the industry.

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