AI Credit Scoring

AI empowered credit scoring platform that provides maximum decision accuracy while controlling the risk appetite. The platform uses conventional and alternative real-time data sources to recommend accurate decisions instantaneously.

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Supercharge your operations

Benefits of using an
AI Credit Scoring Solution

Instant Scoring

Provide credit scores for all your applicants instantly (on-spot) using real-time data.

Boost Accuracy

Leverage alternative data to improve accuracy of the credit scoring engine.

Decision Deep Dives

Get full breakdown of the key factors in your credit decisions.

Smarter Decisions

Provide decision based on acceptance threshold taking into consideration risk appetite.

Happier Customers

Greatly increase customer satisfaction and get better customer life time value.

Target the Right People

Sell your products to the right cusomers.

Efficiency is Key

Decrease human intervention, speeding up your process and lowering costs by up-to 80%.

Grow, Grow, Grow

Grow faster; remove operational capacity constraints, increasing your borrower capacity.

Full suite of controls to train, monitor and scale your AI models in production

A glimpse into the future

Understanding how the AI Engine works

The credit scoring use case allows you to deploy and operationalize your own artificial intelligence credit scoring engine.


The AI engine is built by training and learning from your own data. It allows to transform your company’s crucial know-how into IP. It also learns from your customers’ repayment behavior to enhance and uplift the existing logic.


This will allow you to reduce your NPLs and increase your pipeline. Also, the credit scoring engine removes all human biases and ensures a dynamic and systematic approach in all decisions.


This use-case is built on the Konan platform which encapsulates and combines all Machine learning and industry’s best practices to ensure the highest impact on your business.

All the tools you need

Designed for decision making

Dashboards, reports & analytics

API Integrations


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